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Every Pedal Moves You Closer

Fairdale was founded in 2010. It began as the brainchild of World Champion BMXer Taj Mihelich. After many years as a pro rider, Taj partnered up with long-time sponsor Odyssey BMX to create the Fairdale brand. With Odyssey’s 30+ years of manufacturing and design experience powering the brand, Fairdale sprang to life. Fairdale is focused on making “adult” bikes that offer the same sense of joy that you had when riding as a child.

You can hop aboard a Fairdale and go bikepacking, head to a yoga class, pedal instead of driving to work, cruise to coffee, or take a focused ride that includes the big climbs. Heck, do all of those things! But remember, a good bike is fun to ride anytime. You don’t need a reason or goal. Hop aboard a Fairdale and let the pleasure of riding a bike brighten your day. Every pedal will make you happier, and that hard-to-put-your-finger-on sensation is what Fairdale builds into every bike they make.


The Lookfar makes cruising and commuting easy. One simple trigger shifter changes the gears up-or-down through all 8-speeds. The bike’s 42mm wide Maxxis tires feel fast on smooth ground while still confidently handling rough terrain. Available in a Step-Thru option!


The Ridgemont is a simple bike. That’s a good thing. You won’t find finicky technology that needs constant adjustment, or a saddle position based on aerodynamic studies. Instead, you will find a bike designed to “just go for a ride.”

Weekend Archer

One of the first Fairdales ever made was the Weekender. Fairdale envisioned a “light-tourer” that would work as a weekday commuter and a weekend getaway machine.

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