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As your premier destination for Marin Bikes, Quick Cranks is proud to showcase a wide selection of bikes catered to Ottawa, Gatineau and beyond. Born from the hills of Northern California, Marin Bikes have carved their legacy in the mountain biking world with their dedication to value, performance, and durability. Marin provides the perfect blend of value, durability, and confidence. With options for every level of rider, from hardtail enthusiasts to full-suspension aficionados. Shop Marin Bikes online at Quick Cranks, Canada's hub for mountain biking enthusiasts. Every bike is shipped tuned and ready-to-ride, ensuring that from the moment it arrives, you're equipped to hit the trails and embrace the outdoor lifestyle that we cherish.

Bikes for fun

Marin Bikes, with its roots deeply embedded in the culture and rugged landscapes of Marin County, California, has always stood for adventure, innovation, and the pure joy of cycling. The brand's philosophy centers around building bikes that enhance the riding experience, whether it's on mountain trails, city roads, or rugged backcountry paths.

History as pioneers

Just two years after the company’s founding, the well-received 1988 Marin Team Titanium broke new grounds as one of the industry’s first production titanium mountain bikes.

Marin is a pioneer in full-suspension design. The 1993 Titanium FRS incorporated early Manitou Suspension Components and weighed just 25 pounds. Jurgen Beneke piloted the Titanium FRS to a world championship that year.

green bear initiative

Marin is committed to sustainability and working with our retail partners to ensure that we do everything we can to minimize the impact we all have on our environment when prepping a bike for sale


Marin's road and gravel bikes are engineered for the rider who seeks both adventure and versatility. With cutting-edge designs that blend speed, durability, and comfort, these bikes are equally at home on long, winding roads as they are on rugged, unpaved paths. Whether you're pushing the pace on a group ride or exploring backcountry gravel roads, Marin's road and gravel lineup, including the esteemed Gestalt and Four Corners models, offers the perfect blend of performance and exploration.

$1,034.99 - $1,199.99
$1,167.99 - $1,399.00
$1,399.00 - $1,459.99
$1,599.00 - $1,999.00
$1,999.99 - $2,199.00


Marin Mountain Bikes, born from the heart of Marin County's legendary trails, offer unparalleled adventure and performance for every type of rider. From the versatile full-suspension enduro-ready Alpine Trail, built for the most challenging descents and climbs, to the swift and agile Rift Zone, perfect for singletrack and technical terrains. The Alcatraz is a top contender for best dirt jumper. Not forgetting the Bobcat Trail, a hardtail that blends simplicity with versatility for both new and seasoned cyclists. Each model in Marin's lineup is crafted with the spirit of innovation and a commitment to quality, ensuring every ride is an exhilarating journey into the wild. 

A special place is held for the pine mountain, a hardtail steel frame that hardtail enthousistas have praised since its inception. This bike is on display at both our locations, come check it out! 

$623.99 - $779.00
$779.00 - $779.99
$989.99 - $1,099.00
$584.99 - $649.00
$649.00 - $649.99
$899.00 - $999.00


Marin's range of hybrid and fitness bikes, including the Fairfax, Stinson, Kentfield, Muirwoods, and DSX, offers the ultimate blend of comfort, efficiency, and versatility for riders navigating the urban landscape and beyond. The Fairfax stands out for its value, speed and agility, a true hybrid bike designed for riders looking to merge their workout with their commute. The Stinson brings a more relaxed vibe, emphasizing comfort and ease of ride, perfect for leisurely explorations and daily errands. For those seeking a balance between classic aesthetics and modern functionality, the Kentfield excels, providing a smooth and stylish ride. The Muirwoods is the rugged adventurer of the lineup, built to tackle urban streets and gravel paths alike with its durable frame and robust tires. Lastly, the DSX presents itself as the all-terrain warrior, equipped for the rider who demands performance both on and off the road, making no compromise on speed and handling. Together, these models form Marin's comprehensive offering for hybrid and fitness enthusiasts, ensuring there's a perfect bike to match any rider's lifestyle and exploration spirit.

$799.99 - $899.00
$782.99 - $869.99
$639.99 - $799.99
$1,034.99 - $1,199.99
$1,231.99 - $1,539.99
$719.99 - $809.99

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