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Ottawa Bike Polo: Unleash the Mallets of Mayhem with Quick Cranks!

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Get Ready for an Adrenaline Pump!

Imagine fusing the fun of cycling with the heart-pounding excitement of a hockey match. That's Hardcourt Bike Polo for you, and right here in Ottawa, we're at the forefront of this electrifying sport.

Why Bike Polo?

Think about this: the freedom of a bicycle, the camaraderie of team sports, and the thrill of scoring a mind-blowing goal – all in one! Ottawa's Hardcourt Bike Polo isn't just a game; it's where friendships forge and memories are minted.

Join the Mallets of Mayhem:

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a newbie on two wheels, we've got you covered. Dive right in, as we've got some limited equipment ready for you and your squad. Just make an appearance at our sessions, introduce yourself, and feel the vibe of the court beneath your wheels in no time.

A group of new players being introduced to the game, receiving equipment from seasoned polo players
Two bike polo players in a fierce chase for the ball at EV Tremblay Park
Sunny day at Parc Fontaine, with the bike polo court clearly marked and players warming up

Where and When To Play

Sundays: 4pm - 108 Beech st EV Tremblay Park

Thursdays: 6pm - 108 Beech st EV Tremblay Park (March to September 21st)

Parc Fontaine 120 Rue Charlevoix (Sept 21st - Season End)

Bikes be Warned!

While Bike Polo promises an adrenaline surge, it can be tough on your beloved ride. Bring along your beater bike; save your main ride the battle scars!

Northside Polo Invitational 2023

Gear up for a thrilling weekend as the Northside Polo Invitational 2023 descends upon EV Tremblay Park, located at 108 Beech St, Ottawa. Join us from 9am to 7pm on both Saturday, the 16th and Sunday, the 17th, to witness the pinnacle of bike polo action, as teams clash and showcase their skills in this electrifying showdown. Don't miss this spectacle of sport and spirit in the heart of Ottawa!

EV Tremblay park, 108 Beech st Ottawa
9am - 7pm Saturday the 16th & Sunday the 17th