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Ottawa hardtail hawks

Calling all hardtail riders - OTTAWA & GATINEAU


What we do

  • Hardtail Group Rides! Embark on a journey of exploration and camaraderie as we tackle some of the most exhilarating trails Ottawa and Gatineau Park have laid out before us. The Hardtail Hawks are on the hunt for intermediate to advanced riders ready to dive into the world of hardtail mountain biking  Tuesday afternoons.

Where Were Going

  • Our adventures begin at Quick Cranks Hintonburg or directly at the chosen trailhead. Whether it's the adrenaline-inducing paths of Camp Fortune or the breathtaking challenges of P17 in Gatineau Park, we're all about exploring these terrains while making great friends along the way.

Who We Are

  • A hardtail riding community, ride alongside other hardtail riders  looking for good lines through blue, black and double black trails around Ottawa.

WHy Ride with us?


  • Venture into the heart of Ottawa’s trail network, discovering and conquering new challenges at every turn.


  • Join a community where hardtail biking is more than a pastime—it’s a passion that binds us.


  • Learn from fellow Hawks; refine your technique and push your limits.

No hardtail, no problem

  • Quick Cranks Hintonburg offers demos like the Marin 'El Roy'. We want to give everyone the experience of riding a hardtail. Once you experience it, you’ll understand what everyone has been talking about. 

What you need to bring

  • A hardtail mountain bike (your own or one of our demos).
  • Intermediate to advanced riding ability.
  • A thirst for adventure and the great outdoors.


The Hardtail Hawks isn’t just about riding, it’s about forging lasting bonds through the shared love of hardtail mountain biking. If you're eager to explore the trails Ottawa offers, improve your riding, and enjoy the company of other hardtail enthusiasts, you belong with us.

Planned Rides:

May 7th 5:30pm 

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