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Pivot Cycles

Performance Redefined

Quick Cranks is a proud dealer of Pivot bikes - performance, redefined. Back in the 80s, full suspension bikes were pushing convention, and so was the company that would become Pivot Cycles. Fueled by a desire for better, longer-lasting components, the folks at Pivot began a mission to achieve MTB excellence. Suspension science at Pivot Cycles spans three decades of innovation and critical engineering partnerships. Like layers of symphonic sound, Pivot suspension design blends a complex set of performance standards built around patented technology to create the renowned Pivot ride quality.

The folks at Pivot Cycles aim to be trailblazers in the cycling industry, not only in terms of bikes and technology, but also in their commitment to sustainability. Pivot Cycles continuously strives to exemplify how businesses can create a positive impact on our planet.


Pivot Trail bikes are the happily ever after marriage of their Enduro and XC technologies, making them the perfect melding of consistent climbing and downhill destruction. Featuring the most popular models, the Trail category is guaranteed to keep you pedaling for hours while sacrificing none of the fun.


Blazing Speed and Creative Mayhem

Lithe, agile, sharp, fast and fun, the Shadowcat is a trail-carving expression of blazing speed and feline creative mayhem. Pivot’s latest offering capitalizes on the acceleration and responsiveness of 27.5” wheels and acclaimed dw-link suspension to bring to life a bike that offers transformative capability for riders of every stripe.

Trail 429

All-Mountain Attitude, Race Bike Reflexes

On the surface, the rock of northern Quebec doesn’t seem like fertile soil for a bike brand. But look closer and see a community dedicated to the craft of welding bikes by hand. Witness a tight-knit riding scene steeped in hometown pride. See firsthand the expertise and influence of one of North America’s leading aluminum industries. Then take a step back. And you’ll realize that, while it looks different, this might be the most natural place for a bike brand on earth. You just have to trust the process. A land where passion is true, north and strong, and where expertise is unapologetically Canadian.


Unleashing Dominance Over Enduro Inspired Descents

Pivot tailored every detail of the Switchblade to deliver a bike ready to conquer the entire mountain. Progressive geometry broadens the performance envelope while retaining the versatility that made the original so good. Always with an eye on confidence-inspiring design, they shortened, straightened, and steepened the Switchblade’s seat tube to allow longer travel dropper posts.


An Ultra-Fast, Low-Slung Speed Machine

Built by racers, for racers. From the wide-open ski slopes of Les Gets to the treacherously steep roots and rocks of Val di Sole, the Phoenix let Pivot’s Factory Race Team push their personal limits like nothing else. That’s because from day one, their race team was highly involved with the Phoenix design.


Each bike in Pivot’s XC lineup has a resumé that speaks for itself. Renowned for putting power down on the biggest stages in the sport, each bike is engineered to get the most out of each pedal, with no energy wasted.

Mach 4 SL

A Podium-Seeking Missile

The all-new Mach 4 SL; a podium seeking missile crafted from the ground up as a testament to speed without compromise. designed to win gold and slaughter KOMs, and do so while delivering an otherworldly ride quality, telepathic handling, and a potent blend of acceleration and tractability.

Les SL

A Race Bike Bullet Train

The LES is more of everything you want and need in an ultra-lightweight hardtail: performance, compliance and speed. Designed to achieve one of the lightest production hardtail frames in the world at just over 800 grams for a medium; the LES SL’s featherlight status is the result of years of research. In that regard, the LES is also less: less weight, less resistance, fewer unnecessary grams.


Pivot’s EWS proven enduro mountain bikes are the stuff all mountain dreams are made of. With a stout chassis and progressive geometry, these bikes put a premium on descending performance, yet climb so effectively that chair lifts or shuttles are entirely optional.

Mach 6

Built To Party

The Mach 6 brings the benchmark stability and enduro performance of Pivot’s 29" Firebird and infuses it with the unbridled fun that only 27.5" wheels can generate. The Ride builds pair supremely durable Marzocchi Bomber coil shocks with Bomber Z1 air forks. Pro and Team builds feature Fox DHX2 coil shocks and Fox 38 Grip2 forks, ideal set-ups for attacking technical terrain and banging out big days at the park.


Not As Sweet As It Looks

Modern geometry tailored for aggressive riding lets the Firebird rail at warp speed with battleship stability and laser precision. A relaxed head angle, long reach and generous wheelbase are the key ingredients of high speed composure. Fast up, fast down. Fast. The Firebird's Hollow Core carbon construction cleanly disguises its psychotic side with a taut, sturdy, deceptively lightweight frame that calmly gets you out of the most gripped situations, Super-capable suspension, planted handling, perfectly selected components, shaken, not stirred; the cocktail mix for blazing speed: Drink up!


E-Bikes let you put together new loops that were previously out of reach even for the fittest riders. Pivot E-Bikes are designed for performance, sharing the same cutting edge technology, geometry, and suspension as our entire line of engineering-forward bikes.


The Speed Of Silence

Flipping the script that most e-bike builders are following, Pivot decided to focus on what matters - the dynamic of trail riding - and placed an emphasis on light weight, refined suspension, crisp handling, and game-changing performance. A 60Nm FAZUA motor, combined with a 430Wh battery, that is nestled in the downtube provides added punch to your ride, giving you the power to smash climbs and the pop for bigger moves, letting you ride farther, better, and faster. The motor and battery are situated low and close to the center of gravity - a key aspect of the Shuttle SL's dynamic handling.


Invisible Strength

The E-Vault offers surefooted yet intuitively responsive handling, provides clearance for the widest tires available, and features the ride-smoothing comfort of Pivot’s ISO-FLEX damping technology. Derived from this highly versatile, multi-terrain all-star, the e-Vault enhances your ride experience with the seamless incorporation of a Fazua motor and battery module.



The Fulcrum of Radness

In the case of a contemporary, carefully crafted dirt jump bike, simplicity is something to aspire to. Pivot selected the ideal material for the Point - steel; it has a magic feel and is incredibly tough. Ultra-modern dirt jump geometry manuals on command and takes flight effortlessly. Beyond the design and execution of the Point, we love this bike for its ability to bring people together, whether on the world's highest competitive stages, or just unwinding with friends.



Easy On The Knees

The LES Fat fits all fat and plus wheel sizes, via the patented Swinger II dropout system, without compromises to the bike's geometry. The Swinger II dropout system also allows for ease of switching between a geared and single speed set up. Pivot’s engineers know a bike's set-up is subjective, so for the LES Fat they made it possible to swap the suspension, wheel size and drivetrain to the rider's preference. Ensuring the perfect set-up for ample saddle time.



At The Speed Of Imagination

With generous tire clearance thanks to dual dropped chainstays, the Vault is a tire change away from being ready for any road and any pursuit. From 25c's to high volume 650b, set your tire selection free, and tackle anything from primitive gravel to smooth single track to asphalt, and everything in between. Patent pending ISO FLEX seat post technology is without equal when it comes to all-day, all-terrain pedaling comfort, and Pivot’s award-winning gravel bike frames are uniquely ride tuned for compliance. Custom tuned carbon layups and the ISO Flex seat post keep the Vault ride experience stable and smooth for hour after hour, The Pivot Vault truly covers every mile at the Speed of Imagination.


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