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The Quick Cranks Blog

Spring Bike Trade-In

Trade-In and trade-up! Informationon our trade-in policies and ideas for your new ride!

Laur's '89 StumpJumper Resto-Mod

Lauryn details the process of restoring and modifying a classic early mountain bike

Commute By Bike

We've compiled some resources for commuting by bike in Ottawa.

Buying Your Bike Online

Laur breaks down buying a bike online. The post covers things to look out for, how to know what you need, what you can expect the process to look like, and how to get the most out of your new bike.

10 Tips for Winter Cycling: The Winter Riding and Rust Protection Guide

Mustafa breaks down the top 10 tips for a warmer winter commute on your bike. From tire selection to apparel and more.