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Guide to Gravel Bikes Get Ready to Roam

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What is a gravel bike? It’s lightweight. It’s rugged. It’s adaptable. Gravel bikes are one of the most popular types of bikes. They offer the perfect balance between speedy road bikes and trail-ready mountain bikes. Every gravel bike is a little different. Some are sporty. Some are built for adventure. Let us help you find the best gravel bike for you.

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What Is Gravel?

It’s not just a pebbly, rough, rural road. Gravel also refers to all paths, trails, and unpaved surfaces - up to what most people consider a mountain bike trail. A gravel bike can be ridden like a road bike while opening up way more options to explore routes away from the pavement.

Where Can I Ride My Gravel Bike?

There are four categories of gravel - ranging from smooth flat paths to unmaintained trails with small obstacles.

Paved or very smooth unpaved roads and paths. 

What bike to choose:

  • Road bike
  • Gravel bike

Maintained light gravel or hard-packed dirt roads and paths.

What bike to choose:

  • Endurance road bike
  • Gravel bike

Deep, loose gravel or minimum maintenance roads and trails. 

What bike to choose:

  • Gravel bike

Fire roads, 4x4 trails, or smooth singletrack.

What bike to choose:

  • Hardtail mountain bike
  • Gravel bike

Get the Gear You Need

The first rule of any great adventure: be prepared. Browse our top picks on clothing, accessories, and more so you can stress less and explore more.


Gravel is a hybrid of road and mountain biking, and the same goes for clothing. We recommend a combination of comfort and function. You’ll want comfortable padded shorts and a breathable jersey. It never hurts to bring a rain jacket for long adventures.


Protect your noggin! Helmets are the most important safety item for any kind of cycling. You’ll want a helmet with good coverage for riding rough terrain, and make sure you choose one that matches your style.


Proper footwear can make or break a fantastic gravel ride. You can wear mountain biking shoes, but there are now gravel-specific shoes on the market that are efficient when riding but still easy to walk around in.

Packs & Bags

Bring everything you want with you on a gravel bike ride. Gravel bikes have given rise to a revolution in cycling. Carry gear on your frame, handlebar, or seatpost. There are tons of options for hydration packs and hip packs too.

Cycling Computers & GPS 

Stay connected anywhere you ride with a bike computer. You can track your ride and performance, navigate the area, and even get health statistics. Depending on your needs - there’s a cycling computer out there for every kind of rider.

Hydration & Nutrition

We love riding bikes and we love snacks. Fortunately for us, riding and eating go hand in hand. Pack some extra nutrition bars and share with your riding buddies, so you can keep your energy up and enjoy the ride. Always bring enough water for your adventure - staying hydrated is important!

Ask Us Anything

Ready to ride gravel? Call or visit us today and get expert advice on the best ways to start your next adventure.