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Guide for Cold Weather Apparel & Gear Recommendations  Winter is coming

Frosty rides: Fall and Winter Biking Essentials

Embrace the chill of winter rides with the right apparel and gear! Dive into our latest blog post where we share our top recommendations for cold-weather cycling essentials. Discover how the right choices can turn frosty trails into exhilarating adventures. Stay warm, stylish, visible, and pedal on (no matter the temperature)!

Staying Nice n' Cozy

45NRTH Sturmfist 5 Gloves
$97.50 - $130.00 $130.00 Up To 25% Savings
45NRTH Cobrafist Pogies
$150.00 $200.00 25% Savings
45NRTH Risor Liner Gloves
$45.00 - $60.00 $60.00 Up To 25% Savings
45NRTH Flammekaster Hat
$52.50 $70.00 25% Savings

Keep It Rubber Side Down

45NRTH Wrathchild Trail Tire
$176.25 - $277.50 $235.00 - $370.00 Up To 52% Savings
45NRTH Dillinger 5 Tire
$138.75 - $312.99 $185.00 - $312.99 Up To 56% Savings

Ask Us Anything

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