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Winter Equipment Service

Your Ultimate Snow Sport EXPERIENCE Awaits!

Welcome to Quick Cranks - Your go-to full-service Winter Gear Service Shop. When the frost sets in and winter sports beckon, we are the trusted hands behind every professional and leisure winter athlete. Dive into a world where expertise meets passion.

Why Choose Quick Cranks?

Embark on a thrilling winter sports season with gear that's tuned to perfection. Choose Quick Cranks for a service experience as exhilarating as your winter adventures. Don't just brave the cold; conquer it!

Expertise in Every Corner 
Our certified technicians are masters in winter gear. We don't just know winter gear; we live it.

Quick Turnaround
No more long waits! With our services, you're back on the snow in just 1-2 days from Jan 1, 2023.

Hassle-Free Services
Just book online, and take advantage of our FREE pick-up and drop-off. Convenience, right at your fingertips.

In-Store Services: We Care for Your Gear

When you trust us with your equipment, we repay you with impeccable service. From checking edges to base structure analysis, we provide free estimates and ensure your gear is snow-ready.

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Glide & Steer with Precision

Skate Sharpening

Standard Sharpening - $9
For skates that bite the ice just right.

Figure Skate Sharpening - $12
Tailored for the artist on ice.

Brand New Skates Sharpening - $12
Fresh blades? We got you!

Skate Sharpening Card (10 Times) $68.99
Save and slide.

Skate Repair

Replace Rivets - $2 Each.

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Nordic / XC

The Perfect Balance of Grip & Glide

Hot Wax (Rode or Swix Waxes)

Level 1 - $19
Includes a Hot Base Scrape & double hydrocarbon wax layers.

Level 2 - $29
Hot Base Scrape, hydrocarbon layer, topped with low flouro (equiv) wax.


Full Base Prep - $29
Steel scrape, grip wax clean, full wax clean.

Grip wax clean alone - $15

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Alpine / Downhill

Master the Slopes

Clean Wax & Sharpen - $39

Bindings Mounting & Adjustments

Ensure rider safety with precision fitting.

Ski Mount/Remount - $29

Ski Binding Adjustment - $14

Edge Sharpen - $19
Side & base edge sharpen.

Ski & Snowboard Tunes

Minor Tune - $39
Includes edge sharpen, base grind & clean, and hot hand wax.

Major Tune - $49
The full minor tune package + minor Base Repair/P-TEX work.

Hand Wax - $20 (tax incl)
Complete base clean, iron, scrape, and brush.

Wax Card - $50 (tax incl)
Unlimited hand waxes for one ski/snowboard for the entire season.

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Reach Out & Let's Talk Snow!

Call us: 613-292-0800. Whether you've got queries about parts, services, or just want to chat about the perfect snow day, Quick Cranks is here to help. 

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